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Mark Nielsen has run many successful high tech companies and knows how to achieve an objective quickly, efficiently, and with fiscal responsibility.  In his first term on the City Council, he has proven himself with strong and fiscally conservative leadership to:

Manage Finances to Provide Long-Term Sustainability of City Services
Preserve our Precious Open Space
Create a Pedestrian-Friendly, Vibrant Downtown

A vote for Mark Nielsen is a vote to preserve San Juan’s charm!


Fiscal Responsibility
  Mark's unique business experience as the CEO of several companies and as a private equity investor has given him the experience necessary to bring fiscal responsibility to San Juan Capistrano.  read more
Open Government & Transparency
  Great strides have been made in opening up our local government to greater public participation over the past four years.
Maintaining Our Open Space
  Actions speak louder than words, and Mark's actions prove that he is a strong advocate of maintaining and enhancing the open space that gives San Juan its charm. 
More can and should be done to enhance downtown San Juan. 
Managing Growth
  A balance needs to be struck in respecting the private property rights of landowners while insuring that any new development is of overall benefit to and enhances the City.
Public Safety
  San Juan Capistrano is ranked by the recent FBI report as one of the top 10 safest cities in Orange County.
"I can count on Mark Nielsen to make sure our deputies in San Juan Capistrano get the support they need to fight crime,"
- OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens


Paid for by Citizens to Re-Elect Councilman Mark Nielsen 2010, ID# 1328654. 27134-A Paseo Espada Suite 324, SJC CA 92675